World Without Borders

We dream of a world united in differences, where customs and cultures are one, where respect, acceptance and love are daily values and where borders are only ephemeral barriers.

Our Work

We decided to build a unique network to bring the young generation together with the purpose of building ideas to make a difference in the world. This website revolves around the following axes :

content sharing

Pertaining to interculturality and skill-sharing in the framework of South-North youth partnership projects.

Youth exchanges Facilitator

To help develop projects and maintain the bonds established once projects are completed.

peer e-learning

The purpose of these tandems might range from language learning to any form of skill-sharing and passing on of advice and experience

skill sharing

The idea is for World Without Borders to create a platform for peer e-learning and skill sharing through the formation of tandems.

events Sharing

Faciliter le partage d' événements, stages, appels d' offres, etc. relatives au développement et à la coopération Sud-Nord.



Meet thousands of people, find your correspondent, make project,  exchange skills, connect…

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