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World Without Borders

World Without Borders is a digital networking platform plus blog, aimed at young people, schools and project groups worldwide active in South-North partnership projects.

The idea was born out of many years of international networking with South-North partnership projects. You have reported back to us again and again: There is a lack of opportunities for global, digital exchange. This website is aimed at young people who are involved in partnership projects, who want to get to know other projects and learn from each other, and who want to share their skills with others. 

World Without Borders enables you to reflect on existing partnerships and improve project development in a participatory way with the help of e-learning, tandems and mutual skill exchange. The focus is on cultivating the SDGs in the projects themselves. In this way, we want to contribute to strengthening the bond between the exchange projects. In addition, World Without Borders is a blog and platform to publish internships, events and calls for proposals in the field of development policy.

Who we are

We came into being through intercultural exchanges and global engagement initiatives. Some of us took part in the exchanges, others did not. But together we have been able to cooperate and imagine how we can make things better; maybe not necessarily change them, but correct them and contribute our piece to the world.

For a long time, politicians have separated us and placed different kinds of barriers to prevent the unity of morals, cultures and people. The change that has taken place as a result of our various initiatives has enabled us to see things differently and better. If we have been able to do this, by putting aside our prejudices, it is because you can do it too, so that together this generation can impact the world. Bridge-it was the first partner to see this project come to life and has contributed to the birth of this project and its work continues.

We are a group of young people from all walks of life. We believe in the power of unity and its benefits. We know and accept the differences that make up humanity. We believe in encounters, in interculturality, in the deep knowledge of the other and in cultural diversity. We know what respect is and how it allows us to maintain order and peace. We are the youth, we are the future, we are the world !

People Who Love Our Place

Organizations that have believed so far in our projects and/or supported us.

"Connecting people online"

"This new platform overcomes borders – the idea of our two initiators from Benin is as grandiose as it is obvious: connecting people online so that they can learn with, from and for each other and enrich each other through their knowledge. It's great what's possible in this age of digitalization, and here it's being put to optimal use for young people!"

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Sarah Murschel

Student, ex participant

First of all I think the exchange created a group  sharing the same experiences for the time of the exchange but also beyond that – some kind of “togetherness”. Especially in times of Covid I like to think back to the time in Benin and it definitely is something you will remember your whole life.
Living in another family always brings you in situations you have never experienced before, even if you would do that within your own country. So an intercultural exchange somehow lets you enter another world. You will confront situations you don’t really understand, see things that do not fit into your worldview and sometimes you don’t know how to react. Looking back I think what I learned or what I take from it is that you have to unterstand other people from within their culture, thought and lived experience- not only looking at it from your own perspective but trying to get the other point of view (which no doubt can be challenging sometimes). But living in other surroundings and experiencing how people might do things differently can teach you a lot about your own “taken for granted”

Elolo Dossou

Student, ex participant

The intercultural exchanges for me were very instructive, they allowed me to discover other ways of life, ways of thinking, everything in fact, thanks to this I was able to make a career choice in life which is international relations. This experience helped me a lot to discover, to get out of my comfort zone, to take initiatives and to make life choices.

It’s incredible how in the space of time, my daily attitudes have changed in a more or less positive way, whether it’s in the sense of what I’ve learned, or my openness to the world. Why my way of seeing things is different from others and why others are not wrong at the same time; why respect is a value of peace, why customs are different but people remain the same…this is among other things what this experience brought me.